Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The songs for our 7" are up on bandcamp. The physical record will be available in a couple months. If you want, you can pay for the songs. Anybody who wants a 7" can pay five bucks and we will mail you a copy when we have them.

Tour starts in a few hours. We have 14 tapes left and about 60 shirts. All the shows are confirmed and updated on the tours/shows page. Thanks to everyone who is working hard to make this possible!!!



  1. Man, I hope y'all manage to make it to Raleigh sometime in 2013.

    1. Tour dates for april will be up soon. Raleigh is on the list.

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  3. wish you would come to denver. bummed to see you playing in savannah and i just moved from there.

  4. It'll be some time before we make it west. We'd love to play Denver, maybe in 2014!