Friday, November 30, 2012

We are recording four new songs this week. They will take the form of a seven inch record by spring. We will have them up on the internet by the end of December.

We are playing a show in St. Petersburg in two weeks with theyeattheirowngod. They are from Columbia, SC and they will mess you up. Dark epic crust with a theremin!!!

In other news...i figured out how to make a new page on this thing, so now you can click on the "shows" link to check out our tour dates. I'll update them as they are confirmed. Still waiting on all the info for Savannah and Columbia. Other than that, tour is shaping up real nicely!

Plans are in the works for a tour in april up to the great lakes region and also a European tour in Septemebr/October of 2013. We won't get too ahead of ourselves for now, but until then, take care of yourselves and continue being punk everyday until you die!!!


Friday, October 26, 2012

We had an awesome time with Torch Runner last weekend.  Really nice folks.  We're super excited about seeing them again in January.  I've been jammin' their LP, Committed to the Ground.  Making friends is the best!!  Now that we're back home, we plan to finish writing songs for the 7".  Recording will take place at the end of November.  We'll most likely have the songs mixed and mastered before January tour.  Speaking of which, here are the new official dates....

1.2 Savannah, GA TBA
1.3 Columbia, SC w/ They Eat Their Own God
1.5 Asheville, NC The Get Down w/ Autarch
1.6 Raleigh w/ Autarch, Torch Runner
1.7 Rock Hill, SC TBA
1.8 Atlanta, GA 529 w/ Order of the Owl

We are really looking forward to playing these shows.  Lots of friends and fun!!  Dates with a TBA are being booked and I will update as time goes.  We'll have patches, shirts and hopefully some tapes.  Also, we will be putting together a zine/literature distro in the next couple months.


Monday, October 8, 2012


We are playing three dates with Torch Runner on their Florida tour October 20-22.  Landbridge played with them in NC earlier this year.  If you're into unrelenting hardcore punishment, you need to see this band.

10.20 Ft. Myers - Hoople House
I'll post more news on the 7" and 2013 tours once dates and whatnot are confirmed.  Lots of shows this winter.  Make sure to come out and support touring bands and your local punk scene.

Monday, September 10, 2012


In about a month, we will be in full force again, writing new songs for a seven inch.  IFB Records will be putting it out.  If you're not familiar, then get so.  Lots of new releases, a massive distro of awesome hardcore/punk/screamo/crust.  All diy as shit!

Here is a list of dates for a tour we have coming up in January.  I don't think we'll have the 7" ready for this, but we should have a tape or cd of new material.  The Tampa and Tallahassee shows will be with Old Soul.  They play haunting epic screamo from way up in Grand Rapids, MI.  They don't tour much.  I saw them twice earlier this year and they are definitely a band you won't wanna miss.

1.1 Tampa, FL
1.2 Tallahassee, FL
1.3 Atlanta, GA
1.4 Greenville, SC
1.5 Asheville, NC
1.6 Greensboro, NC
1.7 Rock Hill, SC
1.8 Gainesville, FL

These dates are pretty far off, but I believe they are pretty official.  Check back for updates.  Also, I will be posting song lyrics/explanations/rants soon for all those interested.  Start a band, write a book, paint a picture. 

-get rad and stay rad

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Big Plans

We're playing with the mighty, Republic of Dreams, at Transitions Art Gallery Thursday, July 12th. 
RoD plays beautiful swirling emo-violence.  They're on tour from Germany/Poland.  Check them out.

Onto the "big plans"...We have been writing new songs, which will appear in the form of a 7" record.  That will hopefully be out by early 2013.  There are plans for a short southeast tour in fall/winter of this year.  We will only be out for about 6 days or so.  Get at us if you'd like to book the bridge in your town.  In spring of 2013 we will be touring the midwest for about 2-3 weeks.  If all goes well, we will have the 7" ready for that outing.  Until then...

...stay punk

Thursday, May 24, 2012

305 FEST

We'll be opening up the show on Saturday.  Tapes and shirts will be available. ...and maybe a house show. Click here for the 305 Fest website.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Learning to Hate

Here we are being sloppy in asheville, nc.  More new songs are being written.  We'll keep ya posted on this mess we call a band.

-crust as fuck

Thursday, March 22, 2012


3 songs available for download here.
Recorded in Jan/Feb 2012 by MattO. Mastered at Atomic Audio in Tampa, FL. Artwork by KelseaG. Layout by JoeO and Landbridge.

email us if you would like a tape at