Monday, January 21, 2013

Punks!!! Tour was amazing! Every show was awesome and despite all of us fighting sickness, we had so much fun hanging out with some of our best friends every day/night. We got to play three shows with Autarch. They are an amazing band from Asheville, NC, playing epic hardcore/crust drenched in melody with dark vocals. We also got to spend three days with Retina. They are from Greensboro, NC. They play dark crusty hardcore songs with a tinge of metal and lots of changes, keeping it very interesting.

I'm not good at this, but here is a big thanks list.... Mariel, Burke, Andy, Dead Yet, Billy, Brandon, Ryan, Kerri-Beth, AJ, Tarred and Feathered, Nathan, Alex, Autarch, Retina, Matt, Chloe, Scott, Rob, Zeus, Fernando, Nailbiter, Low to the Earth, Order of the Owl, Blake....Thank you for making this tour awesome!!!!!

On to other news...We are already well into booking our April tour. For info, click on the "shows/tours". We may need help in a couple spots along the way. I'll try to make it clear on what dates are sketchy. For the most part, things are coming along quite well with that. We are beginning to write new material for what will become a split LP. The goal is to have that all done before October's European tour. We'll see how that goes...Planning for that is still in the beginning stages right now. The dates will be October 6-23, but that is subject to change. We'll post more about that later.

Thanks to the folks who pre-ordered the 7". We'll be in touch about shipping info.


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