Sunday, November 10, 2013

one month later...

After spending countless hours on computers during the months before tour, I have wanted to stay as far away from them as possible. I realized today that it has been about a month since our European tour came to an end. I guess it is never too late to say that this experience was hands down the most amazing time we have had as a band. I kept trying to keep some sort of tour journal that I could have posted, but there was never a spare minute.

I can't believe I'm actually going to attempt this but...
We would love to thank everybody who came out to our shows. The punks in Munster  Braunschweig, Berlin, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Olomouc, Burglengenfeld, Innsbruck, Bremgarten, Biel, and Frankfurt are some of the greatest people on earth. Hendrik, Lars, Sabine, Jan, Else and all the Munster badasses. Felix and Nils from Nexus(the best sounding venue we've ever played). Max and Scherer 8. Blum and Hana. Sara and Massimo. Laura, Dorig, Matthew and KuZeb. Ruben and Schrottbar(Punk City)!!! Sif and Exzess. There are a few other names that I have forgotten. I'm sure we will meet again when we return. We'd also love to thank some of the amazing bands that we had the pleasure to meet and watch play like, Resurrectionists, Henry Fonda, Republic of Dreams(this time in your neck of the woods), La Casa Fantom(holy shit!!! Yes!!!), Face the Threat, Pyramido(Sweeeethearts), Derbe Lebowski and last but not least, the almighty Kyrest!!! Kyrest are some of the greatest people we have had the privilege of meeting and they shred too! We played six shows together in Germany, Poland and Czech Republic. Our hearts were broken the night we had to say goodbye. I think that tour is one giant heartbreak. There are so many beautiful people that we meet. Old and new friends make our lives so bright every night and every morning we have to live with the sadness of distance between us and the ones we fall in love with. One last thanks goes out to the dirtiest boyz in the world. Ed and Max. You made this the best tour yet. We were never short on laughs and high spirits and I hope that we can do this again with you. Best roadies/drivers/friends any band could ever have!!!

Here is a video of two new songs.(Exzess Frankfurt, D)

There is so much more to add to this but I hate being on these computers. I will try to wrap things up. We are playing 305 Fest in late December. We are playing with Rubrics(SC) in Waldo on the first of January. Besides that, things are going to be quiet for a while,  but hopefully not too long. We are about halfway done with writing for an LP. We have some other plans in the works for 2014 but we will talk about that later.

-Forever Punk