Friday, November 30, 2012

We are recording four new songs this week. They will take the form of a seven inch record by spring. We will have them up on the internet by the end of December.

We are playing a show in St. Petersburg in two weeks with theyeattheirowngod. They are from Columbia, SC and they will mess you up. Dark epic crust with a theremin!!!

In other news...i figured out how to make a new page on this thing, so now you can click on the "shows" link to check out our tour dates. I'll update them as they are confirmed. Still waiting on all the info for Savannah and Columbia. Other than that, tour is shaping up real nicely!

Plans are in the works for a tour in april up to the great lakes region and also a European tour in Septemebr/October of 2013. We won't get too ahead of ourselves for now, but until then, take care of yourselves and continue being punk everyday until you die!!!


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