Monday, September 10, 2012


In about a month, we will be in full force again, writing new songs for a seven inch.  IFB Records will be putting it out.  If you're not familiar, then get so.  Lots of new releases, a massive distro of awesome hardcore/punk/screamo/crust.  All diy as shit!

Here is a list of dates for a tour we have coming up in January.  I don't think we'll have the 7" ready for this, but we should have a tape or cd of new material.  The Tampa and Tallahassee shows will be with Old Soul.  They play haunting epic screamo from way up in Grand Rapids, MI.  They don't tour much.  I saw them twice earlier this year and they are definitely a band you won't wanna miss.

1.1 Tampa, FL
1.2 Tallahassee, FL
1.3 Atlanta, GA
1.4 Greenville, SC
1.5 Asheville, NC
1.6 Greensboro, NC
1.7 Rock Hill, SC
1.8 Gainesville, FL

These dates are pretty far off, but I believe they are pretty official.  Check back for updates.  Also, I will be posting song lyrics/explanations/rants soon for all those interested.  Start a band, write a book, paint a picture. 

-get rad and stay rad